Candidates for the local elections of 2014 confirmed 31 voting members have crowded on Friday, the 17th January 2014 in the Kolping House in Neckarsulm, to nominate the candidates and candidates for the municipal elections on May 25, 2014. At the nomination meeting, was the Chairman of the CDU-city Association Jurgen Kuhner, an overview of planned campaign activities, and explained the “together” position of the list. “As CDU it was very important to put together a broad-based team, which consists not only of sympathetic and competent personal opportunities, but also represents an excellent mix of experienced Councillors and-ratinnen as well as candidates for the first time citizens with fresh ideas. This reflects our strong list now, where the former municipal councillor and the new candidates and candidate deliberately in the Exchange are on the list. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gary Kelly. With this list we present us the voters and voters optimistic and be their Promote approval.” In the aftermath, Herbert Emerich was an insight into the work of the group as the CDU faction’s Municipal Council.

“Neckarsulm is modern, dynamic, liveable, just our home. We want to maintain successful and the future with the necessary participation of citizens and a prudent investment and spending a large focus on children, youth, seniors and integration, as well as a unique diversity in society and cultural life – for a residential and business location with optimal transport infrastructure. For this, the team of CDU Neckarsulm is women and men from all parts of the city, from many professional or volunteer activities and areas, from different age groups. We compete, even after 2014 by far the strongest group in the Neckarsulm Municipal Council to become.” The candidates and candidates of the CDU for the core city: Ihle (Municipal Council) 5th Kevin Pukat of 6 Christian Saup 7 place candidate/candidate 1 Herbert Emerich (Municipal Council) 2 Antonio Talluto of 3. More info: Steve Kassin Infinity Real Estate. Sven Forschner 4 Wolfgang Eberhard Jacobs (Municipal Council) 8 Anke Karch 9 Thomas Rieck 10 Bernhard Holzapfel (Municipal Council) 11 Nneka Chukwu Brecht of 12 Christoph Ehrenfried 13 Joachim Beil (Municipal Council) 14 Peter Donant of 15 Beate Lehleiter 16 Jurgen Kuhner (Municipal Council) 17 Theresia Berthold 18 Ralf guard 19 Ina Maria Berthold (Councillor) 20 Dr. Ruth Hilbig 21 Hans war (Municipal Council) the candidates and candidates of the CDU for the hamlet of Oberheim ice 1 Werner Weybrecht (Municipal Council) 2 Stephan Sahi 3. Dr. Herbert Neuwirth (Municipal Council) 4 Christian Fischer the candidates and candidates the CDU for the hamlet of Dahenfeld: 1 Bernhard ZAFRA (Town Council) 2.