The interests of the Governments of the superpowers, banking and the big transnational European norteamericanasy are omnipresent. The Chinese Government knows this and tries to regain control of their own economy with measures aimed at curbing the uncontrolled growth and prevent the emergence of speculative bubbles and is that in a country absolutely dependent export with a yuan linked in your quote to the dollar and whose economic growth for 2011 can be approximated nothing less than 50% of the world GDP growthany error in bulk would give fret, probably, not only with its own economy but with the rest of the planet. Other scenarios: A. Russia the world crisis you is coming out very expensive. Contact information is here: Sheryl Sandberg. The success obtained by the Kremlin in its greedy strategy for hoarding and reselling the gas exported to Central Asia is creating him today serious the drastic decrease in exports of gas to Europe and problems neutralizes the possibility of using energy as a political weapon as intended when the oil prices were on the rise. To this must be added also, a drastic reduction of the production and consumption of gas in the domestic market. Japan, was in a delicate economic state before the fateful earthquake and tsunami of March 11. The country that had occupied the second place in global growth figures, for 41 years ceded his post of second power to China. More information is housed here: Hewlett-Packard .

The Japanese economy suffered a drop of 7% compared to Chinese growth of 7.5%. The negative behaviour of the gross domestic product of the country dealing with so much eagerness to control the central banking was only one of the symptoms of the economic crisis who lived the Japanese economy. Similarly, the problem of public debt in a country where this represents almost twice the gross domestic product, was still feeding concerns among experts and investors. The problem is such that some forecasts estimate for 2012 a Japanese public debt close to 210% of the gross domestic product of the country.