Sebastian Bayer: Coaching cards 9 interventions for a professional communication on the phone together with the Agency spicyorange Sebastian Bayer has developed from a perfect mix, original, humorous visualization and demanding interventions. The content of the call center coaching are usually the same and affect the standards of professional customer communications, Sebastian Bayer says. Question technology service smile, argument in the style of you, objection handling, de-escalation, avoid negations. The coaching cards go further and use the inner attitude to work in the call center. Not everyone has found his dream job in this industry.

In addition to a thorough training of employees a certain standard in coaching in the workplace is necessary, says Sebastian Bayer, who trained account managers and sellers on the phone since 1999. Handwritten targets are often filed after the coaching and forget. Through the use of the coaching cards, save time and therefore money tremendously. The original card in the practical A6 format provide a constantly present and valuable transfer anchor in the workplace after the coaching. Whether product advisory or order decides whether the address of the customer success and failure, angry or enthusiastic customers. In the individual coaching in the workplace there is, to work with visualizations.

The side-by-side Coaching is done concurrently with the customer conversation. The coaching cards can be used during a call and immediately interact with the rest of the conversation. The respective interventions are easy to implement, require the presence of a coaches limited and make the first step to the desired change in behavior. Interested companies can order the coaching cards directly on the homepage. Sebastian Bayer