The absence of Turkey as a key factor for the development of the events taking place in Libya is quite possibly an error, the severity of what could become increasingly evident in the very near future. Turkey occupies a unique position as the time a member of NATO and a secular Muslim country neighbours in Europe and the Arab world. In recent years Turkey has grown in influence in the Middle East that skillfully through the increased diplomatic efforts and a positive policy of zero problems with the neighbours, convertidoun respected role model and practical example of how a country can remain true to its Islamic routes, while both the tolerance and respect of a Christian minority and the development of a prosperous economy. What are their views and opinions on current events that take place in the Arab world, and in particular the involvement of foreign forces in Libya? The silence of Turkey is almost deafening, but is not too late to seek the advice of this country with regard to the events that take place at their doors. Regardless of what might be Colonel Gadafi is not a coward and as military experts have been telling us for many years, regardless of the technology available, a war has never won since the air only, only on the floor and someone believed to be either desirable or convenient than land forces of Western countries to participate in a civil war in another Arab countryregardless of the reason? Before this war turns into bloody chaos, the good offices and not inconsiderable diplomatic skills of Turkey were humbly requested and the sooner, the better.