How to proceed with inspections daec If you got a call that employees for Combating Economic Crimes ask you to provide documents on your company and number of contracts, not in a hurry to do it without a detailed discussions with counsel, and proceed gradually. 1.Uznayte telephone employee, make an appointment, and when it ask for the decision to conduct the examination is at your company. 2.Proanaliziruyte this order with counsel, it must be signed by the head of the Economic Crime Unit and it should be presented a list of documents that are needed to test: the charter, incorporation documents, contracts, etc. with 3.Obschaytes representatives of daec exclusively in the presence of his lawyer. This will help avoid errors of law and pressure from the authorities. 4.Pri material transfer on checks require an act of transfer, which sets out a list of all documents you submit. 5.If to you unexpectedly came daec staff in the office, check their credentials, an attorney and carefully fix any violations in the actions of the daec. 6.Pri making obviously illegal orders, do not be afraid to go to court and seek its repeal. These steps will help you to avoid pressure from law enforcement and protect your company against unwarranted claims..