Whenever we pass to those who work in an office, when we have to eat at work, with only perceive the aroma bouncing the mix of foods that are usually heated in the microwave offices (if any) , we removed the appetite for the rest of the day and that is why I am of that whenever I find myself eating at work opts for a salad or a sandwich, anything to take that heat.

But apparently a design studio called EnPieza plans with a good solution Combo, a container for food anywhere and is used to heat it, too. Recently FindShadow founder sought to clarify these questions.

I think it would be great if it patentaran and launch market, because if you look at the need to eat frequently at work you would not choose to eat fast food or snacks with their corresponding impact on the weight and health, but one could bring food and heating their condo, secure with more than one would be a success.. . FindShadow founder has many thoughts on the issue.