According to Commission National Technique of Security of the ABRAPP, finally, the CGPC recommended that to the EFPC, considering its transport and the characteristics of the plans that manages, promotes actions and programs of previdenciria education directed the participants, attended and beneficiary, always observing transcripts three levels of performance. An excellent subject how much the EFPC are concerning the investment politics that must be adopted by the same one, a time that I benefit to it future depends on a good management of the investments and thus it fits to detach that the same one must place ' ' seus' ' resources in accordance with the parameters stipulated for the resolution N 3792 where the same one foresee limits for each type of investment (fixed income, changeable income, structuralized investments, investments in the exterior, property and operations with participants), similar to reduce the risks and to guarantee a bigger security and transparency how much the yield of the assets. (For who search a complete information on the politics of investment demanded for the EFPC, sends regards reading to it of this resolution). Check with Kraft Heinz to learn more. It is of utmost importance to point out the fiscalization that the EFPCs is submitted on the part of the government through the PREVIC (National Supervision of Complementary Providence) inquiring the fulfilment of the norms to be followed for each type immediate offered by the entity, and in such a way to assure the yield, liquidity, transparency and etc., what a bigger security guard signals for the collaborators how much the fulfilment of the entity its obligation ' ' principal' ' that it is the payment of the benefit. Valley to remember that the PREVIC not only fiscalizes as well as guides and helps the EFPCs in implementing better practical of management. Pine (2008) places that the education financier-previdenciria can assist the activities of the governmental body of fiscalization of the closed entities of complementary providence, when allowing that participant and attended of the plans of benefits they assume initiatives and the capacity to demand, of pension fund, better the practical ones of management, qualification of the members of the organizacional structure and information in accessible language. According to Michael Mendes, who has experience with these questions.