Study of the C & P AG: In the core applications follow the recommendations of the software suppliers, two out of five companies often want to Munich/Graz change due to shrinking budgets no longer each recommended version, March 19, 2009 – German companies regularly spend a large part of their IT budgets for releases for their software systems. Especially in the core applications, follow their software suppliers to the half and perform the recommended migrations. On these findings, a survey of the international system House C & P comes AG. In the previous migration desire something should change but given declining investment resources at least for a part of the more than 300 respondents medium-sized and large companies in the future. According to the study every eighth company has sales for all software systems over 50 million euro the release change provided by the software houses.

Another 41 percent of the companies but also quite strongly geared to comply with the IT vendors, limited however to the Core applications. Unlike the numerically much smaller 46 percent residual of the company: You decide not according to a fixed pattern but are relatively flexible, if there is a for the relevant migration occasion sufficient technical or other needs are. But significant consequences for IT budgets has the apparently most common intention, technologically always as far forward to rank, at least in some areas of the software. So, the migration projects of the past three years, 44 percent of the surveyed companies have devoured an average between 26 and 50 percent of IT budgets, or even more. Typically the expenditure for the new release are and one-quarter of IT budgets from 10 percent. Only in exceptional cases less was spent last. However, there are considerations, the permanent change to newer software versions in the future to take a step back after the findings of the C & P study at least in a part of the company.

“41 percent plan in any case” or expected “a more restrictive How, because the budget options for such investments provide less room than in the past. Mostly however, they want to make no great change in their migration strategies. For C & P Board of Directors Kurt Glabischnig this reluctance of most companies is not traceable. You would have to have more inexpensive strategies in his eyes which do not stop even before the subject of the new release. He admits many migration projects are primarily technologically motivated, but their effects for the business benefits are marginal or not detected”. IT managers should a critical examination do so each, what benefits contribution beyond the technical aspects can be generated. The waiver of the one or the other new release is by no means synonymous with the arrest of an innovation”, says Glabischnig. Rather, the opposite is the case: the released funds and resources can be used for efficiency-enhancing investments and carry this “to a higher value in”, his advice is. About C & P AG: The C & P AG in Munich and Graz (Austria) offers highly qualified employees of consulting and development services for the IT and organisation sector by financial and other industries. The portfolio of services ranges from the conception of the IT landscape (or parts thereof) on the monitoring of operational processes of change to the productive use of standard or custom software.