In these it has a writing, as it is the case of the Bible, in the Christian religion. and primitive are the one that tends to be local, its practitioners do not consider it excellent for other peoples. She is on the peoples who live in a culture primitive. The religious philosophy of Brazil retraces its history, has seen that it before has indications of one practical religious in ground Brazilian one exactly of the arrival this way of the colonizadores. This work of research has for objective to understand as it was and as this the religious question in Brazil. inhabitants of whom we have register in Americas, and are very difficult to define, the which had aboriginal religious system to the great number of tribes, but we can fit it in the animismo forms that are the belief of that a spirit or deity inhabits inside of each object, the control of its existence and influence the life human being and events in the natural world. The totemismo, that is described as being the association of the tribe with an animal, or 0ccasionally, a plant that represents the mark or symbol of the social unit of the tribe and its identity. Beyond the xamanismo, that it is related with the cure, sorcerers, doctors, or Shaman. It is the domain of the espritos for a possessed individual for a spirit. With the intention to bewitch the people or to banish the demons from them. (It emends of Comparative Religions of the SPRCianorte, 1999) However, we cannot leave to stand out the xamnicos elements, as the belief in a Superior Being, of celestial character, in also celestial espritos, that intervine in the life of the men and the activities of paj, that it is given credit to be capable to cure and of if communicating with the espritos.