Currently, more and more people begin to use Internet resources to get fresh and accurate novostey.Novosti the Internet are becoming more popular and more mobile. News network in the first place more easily accessible to all Internet users than the news on tv. At any time you can find some interesting information, not waiting for the next newscast. Just refresh rate news on the Internet is much higher than tv, find the most recent news of the day the Internet is much easier than to wait until this news will get aired on tv. But still the news on the Internet inferior news on tv in a very important point – the absence of an emotional background.

Plain text will never give the atmosphere of any event as a rally, strike, feelings of people who are there – on the other side of the screen. There will be an emotional background to the statements of politicians. That is not happening forming an opinion about the event on the basis of any subjective characteristics of the participants in these events. Read said that Vladimir and see how he did it, it's like they say in Odessa "Two large difference. However, the information in which the emotional content is minimal, such as sections of the economy or finances, it is more logical to explore the Internet.

Today, many news portals that exist on expanses of the Internet go to the provision of news through both text and photos but video subjects. Predicting the future development of the media can assume that very soon there will be video coverage of the new Internet – journalists. The Internet as a means for transmitting information are almost limitless and the merger of such giants of the media as television media information and media on the Internet is almost inevitable.