The different forms of life have an important role in our emotional equilibrium, e.g. the care of environment or the possession of pets, of course this works to the extent that we fully enjoy our interaction with life, many times we passed unnoticed beauty because we don’t stop to enjoy it. To broaden your perception, visit Facebook. Whenever you is positively related with any of the forms of life it is in harmony with the creative forces of the universe, it can be through plants, animals, trees and even minerals. In the past it was believed that other forms of life not expressing emotions, mainly when we speak of plants and minerals, but scientific studies have shown how cells behave towards certain emotions, or maybe what happens to a tree before being cut mainly if we have a bad feeling, we know now until the water at a molecular level perceived certain emotions. It is accurate that you can feel as being integral to all the creative force, you are not separate from anything of what It can be observed, is more Andrew Corentt in his book I am happy, I am Rico tells us that everything we see is our own being, that is you is its own universe. Now you find account must maintain a harmonious relationship with everything, because at the spiritual level it is joined with everything, then you can not damage anyone or anything, except himself, the material perception tells him there are things outside of you, but that is not true, the entire universe is yourself, now knows that you must take care of its own essence. To the extent that you appreciate life in all its manifestations will begin to have a feeling of harmony and peace within yourself amazing, please of the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful life. The hectic work life often robs us the opportunity of meditation, prayer and contemplation, practice constantly observe the creation. To the extent that you learn to enjoy the gift of life then begins to flood it with a wonderful level of well-being, that will allow you to create other things you want, do not It is pressed, quiet work with much faith, desire and determination but enjoying the now more than ever. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt we are told that in reality we are powerful beings and we are able to express all our desires, material illusion is slowing us our power, certainly the material world offers wonderful things and they must find but with true faith, with a State of relaxation, let us avoid despairYou can achieve everything they want, start a new life today, visit: original author and source of the article