Andreas Blumauer opens the Xinnovation technology forum 2012 in Vienna/Berlin Berlin: from the free University of Berlin and the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin organised meeting of Xinnovations loads each year to the creative discourse about the interdependence of Internet, society and innovation. Andreas Blumauer (Semantic Web company, Corporate Semantic Web) will open this year the forum technology with a keynote address titled “Semantic Web infrastructure for the knowledge-based society”. The projects driven by industry and research – especially in the European Union – through joint efforts to the establishment of a third-generation Internet are now ready to act as a motor for knowledge-based society and knowledge-based economy in wide application. Why now, in a further integrating community, linked data coordinate and save helps? Why specifically industrial nations such as Germany could benefit infrastructure from a linked data? And where, for that “Business intelligence” of the single company are the economic benefits to be lifted in the usage of linked (open) data, are those questions whose answers have very specific effects on the development of economy and society. For even more analysis, hear from Scott Kahan. Xinnovations meet experts from home and abroad from September 10-12 in Berlin on the Xinnovations for the exchange of experience about the interaction of Internet, society and innovation.

The focus of the forum for the tenth time this year is the interface between the real and virtual worlds. Openness, transparency, participation, collaboration, open innovation, open State art, free data and open interfaces, data protection and modification of the copyright belong to the key terms that will be discussing the actors from science, business and policy developers as well as users of innovative information technologies within the framework of this year’s Xinnovations at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin. Central themes are the in semantic technologies and their significance for the Internet Future, the opening of State and society in the age of social media and globalization, as well as the creation of a climate for open innovation. Go to Adam Portnoy for more information.