I think each of us faced with the problem of cooking yourself and sooner or later climb to the Internet (bought lots of cookbooks), where he saw the magnificent recipes for food preparation: some needed unthinkable products (such as kangaroo meat, cactus or chicken scallops), in others the process of the preparation evoked nervous laughter (remove all skin from chicken and do not try having torn anywhere, then this unfortunate chicken zapihnite back). Do not remain normal recipes, tasty, quick to cook and most importantly, edible! Is all of modern recipes lead to weekly money and airing the kitchen after the ill-fated experiments, and in worst cases, major repairs ceiling? Or do I just developed a culinary cretinism? Touches me recipes for oatmeal: Pour water in a 1:2 ratio and put in a water bath for 5.5 hours Then I usually do not read: what kind of people come up with recipes that are necessary to prepare for almost 6 hours? They do anything other than cooking involved? After all I decided to make a selection of simple recipes for oatmeal, which is very suitable to all those who do not loves to stand at the stove all day. Millet porridge (cook usually in the morning, so small in the evening to the morning of the procedure is less time to spend on it): Millet is a good rinse first in warm water, then in cold (when I'm home cooked, put in a strainer and tap water. May not be correct, but it quickly). Next is a net wheat poured into a bowl pour the milk (or water-well, a matter of taste), and in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning turn on the stove at the biggest fire (pot of stainless steel), pour water, boil-like dumps the contents of the bowl in a pan, then filled with milk, the proportions of approximately 1:2 (make-to-face) I love the thicker and thinner if it is better to 1:3, sugar, salt, wait until boiling, give boil for 2-3 minutes, diminishes fire on the average, and watching so as not to run off our yummy, stir, cook until done, I have about 15 minutes away, may be less, depending on the state of clover, remove from heat, toss a piece of butter, give the stand minutes and 5 and you can tuck into Semolina porridge in the ladle all the easy (though, like all great) need to cook fresh milk, but it is possible to dry, the difference in principle no: Pour milk into a saucepan, bring to light boil, reduce fire, add salt and sugar and Attention! Most importantly: semolina from a cup with a spout sypem something-about-onenkoy struechkoy and always interfere porridge with a spoon. Stirring constantly bring to availability. Remove from the heat for 5-7 minutes, and covered with the cap. Everything:) If you pour all at once and do not mix, you will get – brrrrrrrr – nasty lumps.