For example, there are Customer Comments such as: – you cal at the most unbelievable times! You are totally irresponsible attitude to work! If the breakdown time was the place to be, you can answer this: – Yes (pause 2 seconds), you’re right (pause 2 seconds), some change in terms of really happened (Pause 2 seconds), but this was due to the fact that the required testing for a successful launch. ” If there is no breach of the terms, you can answer the following: – Of course (pause 2 seconds), I understand your excitement (break 2 seconds) with respect to timeliness of delivery of the project, but you can be absolutely sure that everything is within the designated time frame. Maybe (pause 2 seconds), you think, along with the days it took to coordination of the project, but they are not counted in the overall timing of works. Necessarily a pause of at least 2 seconds where signify your consent. Pause is needed not only for emphasis, but also to catch change the customer experience from negative to positive. Clarify and povtoritInogda for complete neutralization of criticism of one respondent remarks is not enough. Needed until the end to hear a new argument to the client and formulate a response to subject to the same principles, or to repeat what was said earlier. It is already working method ‘began to play records’ when processing an objection to a few times to repeat the same thing.

Working with the objections and criticism of the client, always check with him what we have in mind. To ask, until you understand the true cause of discontent. Often, a sharp remark buyer there is nothing but his bad mood. For example, the client declares that You do not work, as you know, it’s not, you can answer: – Please specify in what is expressed? We are doing everything to ensure that our customers remain satisfied. I’ll be very grateful if you provide me on my mistakes. This will help me become luchshe. requested to fully neutralize the unfair criticism to your address. Using the described techniques allow you to become a best seller, and the ease with which you begin to communicate, be constantly charges you with energy and enthusiasm to infect.