How to keep customers and successfully recover from the sight, out of mind. This proverb sums up what is practiced in many companies with regard to lost customers. Lost customers are lost customers. Or they are called index body ‘ deleted from the database. While a considerable sales and earnings potential lies dormant in the District of ex – customer. However, the customer recovery is not gambling, but requires a structured approach. In particular, it comes to realize who has wandered off for whatever reason and who you like can bring back and wants to make it better at the second attempt. Therefore two objectives arise: wake-up and prevention.

Ultimate goal is to win a maximum profitable lost customers back. In addition the findings used, as far as possible to avoid future loss of customers. Further applies: the customer turnover should be curbed permanently. Neuakquise costs for the replacement of lost customers should be avoided. The image as a customer-focused Companies should be strengthened. Negative word of mouth should be averted. The underlying the migration defects will be fixed and reduces resulting costs in the future.

The range of services should be improved and customer-friendly. A good basis for the second loyalty ‘ to be made more profitable customers. Five tips to avoid customer losses 1. Some companies are so pre-occupied with acquiring new customers, that existing customers often feel only second class ‘ to be. However: Your customers are your most important customers. This, and not the new customers get so the best offers and exclusive privileges. 2 the important emotional attention is often lacking customers. Show therefore, acceptance, recognition, appreciation and respect. Thanked specifically, personally and honestly for every purchase or for each transaction. 3. the customer to impose anything. Let him rather decide who can contact him, how often, and how. Update continuously all customer-relevant information in your database and add these successive emotional details.