Experience report of a big pharmacy in Munich, 03.02.2010 the 250 m large Offizin of international Ludwigs-apotheke in the middle of Munich’s pedestrian zone is with an average 1,000 customers a day one of the major pharmacies of in Germany. But even during peak times, there are hardly any queues. The reason: Here a ROWA Vmax with two grippers, which leads to the desired drugs at your fingertips within seconds on hand selling works. The ROWA Vmax, which was installed in November 2009 at the pharmacy, up to 40,000 packages fit on an area of just 20 square meters. There is thus sufficient space for an optimal supply of medicines available. I chose a picking system of ROWA, because there are many ROWA facilities in the market and the Vmax has just the right shape”, Florian Picha justified his decision. The facilities with two fingers the increases security, because each drug package can be reached by two grippers and the system even during peak times always the proper performance brings. This ensures that the customers of the Ludwigs-apotheke are served quickly. While the machine removes the package from the camp and supplies, the pharmacist has more time to advise the customers. Order this service in the future on the night service desk, the medicines via a pneumatic tube system connected to the ROWA are delivered safely and quickly there.