Beckham, thirty-one years of age, is studying the possibility of leaving Real Madrid before the end of the season as the expiration of his current contract with the club, which expires in June. Herbalife understands that this is vital information. Beckham is very keen in leaving Spain and travel to the United States. Source: David Rogier. Fabio Capello, coach of Real Madrid, Beckham’s team removed and said he played no more with the team for the rest of their stay in Spain. The decision by Capello was based on that according to their opinion cannot depend on a player who has already been hired by another team. The MLS season starts in April and coach Frank Yallop awaits the arrival of Beckham that he will occupy the position of general average camper since he thinks that it will be more efficient.

Yallop accentuated the importance of having a good start during the first three months of the season until Beckham will join the club; in the event that Beckham remains in Madrid and does not begin with the club before the start of the season. Yallop is also confident that Beckham him It will give the Galaxy a turnaround and that will be a model to follow for young players. Beckham is one of the stars of England and has been a very successful footballer since the beginning of his career in 1995 when he was only nineteen years old. Beckham has received several awards and trophies including being ranked among the 100 best players in the world according to FIFA. Original author and source of the article.