On many occasions of life, the words are not the best medium to express something or simply they do not flow in the best way, so it should go to other helpful means to express themselves; such as flowers and language representing these samples of nature, since each flower holds a meaning and by the wide variety of them, we can say that all kinds of words have available to give a message. When referring to the language of flowers or also known as floriografia, will be making reference to a media that had its beginnings in the Victorian era, where the flowers in their various presentations were one means more applied to send some message; IE coded messages, since it was the only form that they had at their disposal to get such a message, without generating any problems or inconveniences. With the passage of time and the grouping of the meanings of flowers in each culture, a full language of flowers; was complying It gathers samples of flowers of many parts of the world. However, in modern times has forgotten much the language of flowers, by various factors of the society that has left behind the application of flowers as a means of expression, seeing in them only one element for decoration. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there are certain flowers that stand out among the others and are clear signs of the application of the language of flowers today. Clear examples are the Red Roses, which are applied largely to express passion, love or infatuation; the white roses are a symbol of ideal to represent chastity and purity; the yellow roses, are a sample of the floral language which means friendship, devotion or great appreciation. Among the great variety of flowers that exist, within the language of flowers some that express love, others who speak of friendship, some that will be representations of hatred, you can find displeasure and up there will be some that will mean the arrival of heartbreak, loneliness and death. All this allows to say that flowers symbolize the spiritual expression of the human nature, in a way very attached to vegetation and its different ways to manifest itself.

Among some samples of the language of flowers, you can find: smooth Carnation. jealousy, possession. Striped Carnation. rejection. White aleli: simplicity. Poppy: I dream. Ambrosia: unrequited love.

White azalea: romance Belladonna: silence. Hemlock: ye my death. Dalia incarnate: your eyes burn. Pink dahlia: delicacy. Tulip: Fame red Ttulipan: Declaration of love. Three color Tulip: independence. Yellow Tulip: love without hope.