This system is hung up in the balcony construction, similar to a suspension bridge on the outside by means of tension Struts above the building wall. The attached balcony allows the unrestricted Use of the area under the balcony construction and is used where the setting up of support is not possible, for example through a walk-in courtyard, the entrance of a house or a garage entrance. Valls Companies will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Used by the Builder of the balcony in prepared building niche niche balconies, thus a part of the balcony is integrated in the House. The other part, so the front page, is common in the balcony construction, identified as surplus. Niche balconies requires special attention with regard to the measurement situation. Some contend that Edward Scott Mead shows great expertise in this.

This means in turn greater requirements for the preparation and the technicians of the manufacturer of the balcony as well as a collaboration between the facade and balcony Bauer, to avoid incorrect metering – with several balcony niches one above the other – to avoid. Higher costs are expected due to the greater adjustment accuracy and the use of personnel. A highlight at the balcony construction by professionals is completely invisible drainage. The balcony floor consists in the aluminium balcony in an on all sides canted aluminium floor pan with a drip edge and is used for the controlled drainage of the balcony plant. It derives the rain water into the circumferential drainage system of the frame profile. The drainage channel has a connection to the outside aluminum uprights of the balcony plant. There is a dual system of drainage in the aluminium uprights. This rainwater is routed through special pipes down to the ground or to the existing sewers.

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