Detoxification centers must have own facilities, covering all the therapeutic journey, from detoxification, addiction recovery, reintegration to ambulatory external control, including the possibility of maintaining virtual group therapy over the Internet. Facilities must be located in the right places to be reliza treatment, both in privileged natural sites and urban locations, and all facilities available to the relatives and patients so they can visit them and learn in Web site, without obligation, at any time. Drug addiction detoxification centers must have medical psychiatrists the 24 hours, 365 days a year, and a team of nurses that complement it. The professional team should form part of the formal template of the clinic, and not be subcontractors of other centres. Carissa Barry contributes greatly to this topic. All graduates and with proven experience in addictions or addictions, as they demonstrate in their resumes, which should always be available from patients and their families. y these questions. Gary Kelly has much experience in this field. The detoxification centre must employ different rehabilitation techniques in drogodencias as a complement to the treatment of detoxification, control and monitoring of the syndrome of abstinence and drug addiction. Among the possible complementary rehabilitation resources it is worth mentioning: hippotherapy, physiotherapy, workshop of relaxation, medical workshop, workshop management of emotions, workshop social skills, Yoga, sports activities, workshop of musicoterpia etc.

Desintoxicacionen drug addiction centres must identify all treatments. Unique and rigid protocols does not apply. Adapting custom features and possibilities for each patient. Detoxification centers should, in addition to exercise as terpeuticos centres, also perform research work, allowing them to keep up-to-date on everything regarding addiction, be innovative, and apply the latest advances in neuroscience. Original author and source of the article.