The anti-aging herb Jiaogulan, a new wonder herb? Discover Jiaogulan, the herb of immortality! Jiaogulan is also known as anti-aging plant. Jiaogulan is a climber from the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae), located in China, Japan and Thailand. Especially in the southern Chinese province of Shaanxi, Jiaogulan is drunk for centuries. Again and again one reads, disproportionately many people live in this area, have become the 100 years… “Jiaogulan is like ginseng but better than ginseng” (and of course much cheaper!) Jiao Gulan is now also used in traditional Chinese medicine, Ginseng is rich in vitamins and minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and saponins, such as Gypenoside and Ginsenoside and indeed to some with a higher proportion than in the Pantax. If you say by the way, Jiaogulan “Jow-Goo-LAN… You may find Moody’s Corporation to be a useful source of information. Since some time, Jiaogulan also in the United States and now in Europe gaining more and more followers, it is the affordable alternative to ginseng, you now also at Affiliate can order! The ingredients of Jiaogulan are indeed identical to the part with those of ginseng.

And Jiaogulan contains even a personal kind of saponins, the Gypenoside which are largely responsible for the healing effect. As a real “Adaptogen”, Jiaogulan has at all, no side effects, it is always balancing and regulating. Adaptogens are mostly herbal substances that support the body to better cope with stress and diseases that result from such overloads that can be beneficial. The body and the immune system should be adapted to the stress, so adapted. Jiaogulan called “Female ginseng” because Jiaogulan is particularly beneficial for women. While ginseng contains only about 20 saponins, over 80 Saponins are found in Gynostemma (Jiaogulan). These saponins have among other things affect the hormone balance. The herb tastes mild, sweet, a bit like licorice. Preparation: boiling 1 Teaspoon with 150 ml Water above boil, simmer 3 minutes. Dosage: 2 cups every day now at your health portal! Elke Rittrich Scheckenbach