So, you protect yourself from embarrassing situations with discrete measures. Shortly after birth, mothers often notice an unpleasant by-product of pregnancy and childbirth. When the bladder weakens and becomes a sneeze to the unpredictable event. This is embarrassing to many women and keep the problem for themselves. Even in mother group, where else, every life situation will be discussed, is the subject of taboo.

Learn more about bladder weakness, and how you can get them back into the handle. Vulnerable mothers in Germany suffer from estimated 5 to 8 million to incontinence. According to the sales figures of incontinence products, there are even 10 million. And there may be more affected, because many do without tools and are not included in the statistics. Bladder weakness is usually linked to aging in conjunction. Due to lack of exercise and weight problems, but increasingly also the younger generation is concerned.

However, mothers are at risk of incontinence. About 30 percent of all women suffer after childbirth or during pregnancy. Because the pelvic floor muscles is very much strained under the weight of the growing baby, and during childbirth. It is then too weak, it can no longer fulfil their function and not reliably hold back the urine. Isolation and depression not only physically taxing perceive the situation as other affected mothers and pregnant women. You suffer even mentally, when the disease limits their social and community life. Many know the shame, embarrass themselves, which constantly accompanies. Jane Pan may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A cough, laugh or sneeze or even sports can cause involuntary urine outlet. Because each of these activities increases the pressure on the pelvic floor. Some goodbye therefore cherished leisure activities or avoid social events. This loss of quality of life in extreme cases can lead to isolation and depression. Back into life with discipline and tools you should not despair but, because with a special pelvic floor training can a light bladder weakness greatly improve or even correct. The pelvic floor muscle is a muscle like everyone else and should also be treated. In postnatal courses, the midwives put so much value on the pelvic floor muscle training. Many mothers stop but early training when the devolution is to end. The self-discipline on the line remains busy everyday life with child. Pelvic floor training AIDS can be an alternative here. This is a set of different heavy tampon-shaped weights. They are vaginally and worn just as long as they can keep the muscles. The training can be done simply as “by the way” in the morning in the shower. Anyone wishing to make rather special exercises with pelvic floor training AIDS, here is a download link for a free workbook. So the training AIDS work: the cone-shaped weights support the development of the muscles. Because it constricts spontaneously and independently again, the weight to hold and the sliding out to prevent (bio feedback phenomenon). The contraction thus acts like a normal muscle training (from light to heavy weight). Through these pelvic floor weights, you will learn to exercise your pelvic floor muscles consciously and actively control. But they are useful not only after birth. Precautionary pelvic floor training is very important for pregnant women. Women who can actively control their pelvic floor can also deliberately relax him and facilitate the birth so. Find more articles and information on regression and the pelvic floor.