The user can so identify deviations from the required progress and respond if necessary. Quality assurance client new in DocYard 2.0 is also the quality assurance client. Here processing results can as a sample or a complete batch are displayed and validated. The examiner can delete pages and reordering within a document, as well as document boundaries, and can cause may also further scanning poor pages. DocYard is a real benefit innovation in the context of document processing”, summarizes Helmut Schunemann.

Scan projects based on this platform, generate a very quick return on investment due to the lower initial and operating expenses, increase productivity and sustainable competitiveness.” LurDocument PDF Compressor supports PDF/A-2 developments of the LurDocument PDF Compressor first and foremost on the support of the recently available part of PDF/A-2 target. The new version, for example, a JPEG2000 image compression, enables and thereby achieves an even higher image compression compared to PDF/a-1 in improving the quality of the image shares. This applies to documents that converted the PDF Compressor in highly compressed, full-text searchable PDF/A compliant files. Still, JPEG2000 enables lossless encoding in PDF/A photo mode. Transparency in PDF/A is also allowed. The standard part of PDF/A-2, based on the independent ISO 32000-1 standard and PDF 1.7, provides a basis for storing documents on a scale of 1:1, as they are incurred for geographical applications.

Because the page limit is now 381 381 kilometres instead of five times five metres in PDF/A-1. As a further innovation levels as on and turn off. This is only then useful, for example, if Display black and white level of a color document or print a file without disturbing background. Furthermore, the PDF Compressor reached an even safer text extraction and better search results Unicode support for scanned documents with OCR full text capability now. Special characters, such as, for example, the euro symbol, are interpreted correctly and not extracted as illegible characters.