A responsible breeder will have a questionnaire for potential owners, and also a waiting list. This will help you to know the characteristics of the potential owners and to approve them or disapprove them even before birth the puppies. If you have not already done it, while you’re waiting your stock to mature and are ready to be played, it is a good time to develop a web page to find home to your puppies. On the page, you will need to include information about who you are and what accomplishments you have had with the chosen race. I also recommend include the questionnaire. This must have a series of questions to potential owners.

This is important, because surely you want to place puppies in good homes, not just give them to those who pay more. Remember that if someone does not want to take the time to complete the questionnaire, nor is it will take the time to take good care of the puppy. There are some good questions that you must include in your questionnaire, so that you know that will be so good home for your puppy. Here you Some examples of what you should ask your visitors step:. What is your personal information?. What kind of home you have for the new puppy.? Do you want to get the new puppy?. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Edward Scott Mead. Have you ever read the breed standards?. What qualities you think important that your puppy has?.

Do you want a male or a female?. Do you plan to have your puppy breeding?. Do you plan to show your puppy in exhibitions or shows.? Where the puppy sleep?. What food eat?. Who will be responsible for caring for the puppy? What kind of life will have the puppy?. The puppy will have an area of the House only for him?. Do you have children or pretend to have them?.