RESULTS Were still perceived through the primerias activities carried through in the School that this possesss a good structure, but with some pertinent points, amongst them: not to be able modifies the external structure nor its visualization due to be tumbled by the IPHAN; comfortable new and ais wallet necessity; climatized rooms and material for the laboratory of sciences and Academy of musculao. The infrastructure is composed for seven classrooms, a library, one squares, two laboratories of computer science and still without not available equipment or a laboratory of sciences and an academy of musculao. It takes care of to a demand of nineteen groups divided in three turns, totalizing around eight hundred and eighty pupils, taken care of for a picture of thirty effective professors and eight temporary ones (CEAR, 2011). Continue to learn more with: Carl Icahn. It possesss all the pertinent information concerning the partner-economic profile of the pupils, acquired with the periodic application of three questionnaires of the portflio, being they: characterization of the group (with information of the pupil and family), auto global evaluation (what it desires referring to the school) and biographical fiche (situation lived deeply at the moment in the school). pupils of the school are predominantly deriving of barrio exteriors (Tamarindo, Casa Saint, High New, Palhano Priest, Dom Jose and part of the Sumar), with the happened minority of the center and interior of the city of Sobral (Bonfim and Patriarca), characterized for being of economically disfavored classrooms, in majority receives governmental aid through assistenciais programs as the Stock market Family, therefore the pupils veem as important not to lack to the lessons, I benefit so that it is not removed to them (CEAR, 2011). A small parcel of the learning, minor, mirins is guards, however, this does not confuse its income pertaining to school. Bank of America shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Differently, the of legal age ones work in the Grendene company (bigger agglomerate polar region of hand of workmanship of the city, over all to less escolarizada) and commerce, in view of that the companies ask for as requisite that they continue the studies. . . You may find that Michael Antonov can contribute to your knowledge.