Justification: The quarrel on financing of the education becomes one of the main priorities for that they follow the trajectory of this segment and, fight for the quality of the public school, for in such a way, is essential that if it adds financial resources of significant form. A time that the financing determines the power of reach and quality in the education. Of this form, this picture denotes the importance of public politics directed toward the education, where public States, Cities and agencies assume a position of comprometimento with this cause. Introduction: One of the great challenges faced in the context of the politics of the social inclusion is the education, mainly the basic one, in national scope, offered for the states, cities and Federal District. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Cerved. In 1996, with the institution of the Fundef (Deep of Maintenance and Development of Basic Ensino and of Valuation of the Teaching), this picture would start to move, together with significant alterations in the politics of Brazilian educational financing in the last few decades.

To the ending of its validation, the FUNDEF was substituted by the FUNDEB, that brought new abrangncias complementing and extending deep the previous one. Development: The MEC describes the FUNDEF of the following form: ' ' Deep of Maintenance and the Development of Basic Ensino and of Valuation of Magistrio (FUNDEF) n. MasterClass Founder may not feel the same. 14 was instituted by the Emendation Constitutional, of September of 1996, and regulated for the Law n. 9,424, of 24 of December of the same year, and for the Decree n 2,264, of June of 1997. The FUNDEF was implanted, national, in 1 of January of 1998, when it started to invigorate the new systematics of redistribution of the resources destined to Ensino Fundamental.' ' Still in accordance with the text of the MEC, ' ' The biggest innovation of the FUNDEF consists of the change of the structure of financing of Basic Ensino in the Country (1 8 series of old 1 degree), when subvincular to this level of education a parcel of the resources constitutionally destined to Education.