Especially the Lowkicks of Caferra causing problems for Julfa. Boden does not necessarily agree. Caferra had it not more as easy as in round 2, but he could hold well in the final round and secured a victory. KAMP results K-1,-57 kg, 3 x 2 min., Sharalian Smartguy/Assad gym vs. Roland Berger is open to suggestions. Tanarat Chamapech/Muay Thai Dortmund. Draw. K-1,-63 kg, 3 x 2 min., Cem Gules/Puno Gym Bedburg vs.

Burak Kaya/You Can Ludenscheid. Draw. KICK boxing,-75 kg, 3 x 2 minutes vs. Artur Smirnow/Fight Club Milia Dario Ibrahim/kungfu school Chuantong. Dario Imbimbo task in round 2 CHINESE BOXING, -63 kg, 3 x 3 minutes, Alexander Krieger / fight Club Milia vs.

James Kabaso/Chinese boxing Academy. James Kabaso task in round 1 K 1, 67 kg, 3 x 2 min. Wolf Baumert/Assad Gym vs. Tim Kolbe / fight Club Mili. Wolf Baumert by knockout in round 1 K 1, + 91 kg, 3 x 2 min., Darazzi Ahmed/Puno gym Bedburg vs. Robert to Ding/You Can Ludenscheid. Darazzi Ahmed task in round 3 K 1,-75 kg, 3 x 2 minutes, Erkan Julfa/Fightclub Offenbach vs. Franco Caferra / Chinese boxing Academy. Franco Caferra by points. K-1,-63 kg, 3 x 3 min. Serdar Kaya / Korsin gym Frankfurt vs. Mesut Arslan, Turkey. Mesut Arslan by points. K-1, + 91 kg, 3 x 3 min. Ahmet Suvakci/Dan Offenbach Gokhan Sammy / Korsin gym Frankfurt vs.. Gokhan Sammy task in round 2. KICK boxing, -79 kg, 4 x 2 minutes, Adrian Sobek / Hara-Chi do Cologne vs. Murat Densiz / Chinese boxing Academy. Murat Densiz by points. MUAY THAI, 67 kg, 3 x 3 min., Ufuk Kabul / Korsin gym Frankfurt vs. Rene Stark / Bodshock casting. Rene Stark by crash in round 2 K-1,-75 kg, 5 x 3 min Martin Ratkowski / Muay Thai Dortmund vs. Mahmut Yesilat/Chinese boxing Academy. Mahmut Yesilat by technical knockout in round 2.