How can you benefit from the current historically low interest rates at a construction financing? Worldwide, the key interest rates of the banks were drastically reduced. In some countries even to zero. Currently, many construction financing customers wondering if and how they benefit from the lower rates can come. With a combined loan, everyone in his private construction financing can benefit from falling interest rates. Falling interest rates does not automatically affect the construction financing terms with fixed interest rate.

This is because that focus on the long-term capital market interest rates for construction money and they are controlled directly by the central banks. Moreover, that the banks need to price your own refinancing costs into the conditions. With a combined loan, however, construction financing customers benefit directly from the historically low interest rates. Marie Claire wanted to know more. As a part of the loan amount on a variable loan funded here next to a traditional annuity loan firmly agreed interest rate. The variable loan is the 3 coupled-month interest rate (EURIBOR). With this, the customer benefits from the low key interest rates and further ECB interest rate cuts. If the interest rate should rise again, the variable part of the loan can be cast at any time a long-term interest rate.

And so does a combined loans with a combined loan the customer for at least thirty percent of the loan amount agreed a classic annuity loans with a long-term interest rate of at least five years. For the remainder, the customer takes a variable loan that is bound to the EURIBOR each wholly or partly can be disbursed at the end of a quarter. The variable loan is therefore highly flexible special repayment options. Through the combination of a long term and a variable loan, based on the 3-month interest rates, a very favourable rate of mixing results in the current historically low interest rates. So can you benefit in the future in its own construction financing of further interest rate cuts, and has nevertheless long-term planning security. But be careful, you should also be careful here and in time the variable loans convert to a fixed interest loan, if interest rates go back in the other direction.