If they commit some type of error, he always is by his lack of connection with his Inner Being, because This one always will indicate the correct way to them. He is, therefore, vitally important for you who connect yourselves, but continuously, at least often with his it brings back to consciousness inner, because that will assure to them that they make the correct decisions and that they always choose the suitable way at any moment. From our great Ship we do what we can to help them to radiate plus that Inner Light, and with many of we obtained it to you with facility, despite in some cases the ego or the personality of the contacted one makes difficult much our work, reason why we must have patience and hope to that person works more on itself, until acquires one more a tamer and inoffensive humbler attitude in some cases or in others, to name two of the majors impediments that we were. In any case, the aid of our part is available for you at any moment, and if our contribution does not obtain the waited for benefit, it is because of a blockade conscious or unconscious on the part of the person who we are trying to help. They leave therefore its interests egoistic, as desire to emphasize or of being admired, aside and carry out its work, if possible, in silence and without drawing attention. As it said Teacher for 2000 years, so that its left hand does not know what makes its hand right, that is to say, working by the good of the Evolutionary Plan of the Planet, but without becoming well-known before the others, because the unique thing that must matter to them is the sand granite that can contribute. Yes, it is only a sand granite, but a granite and another one will cause there here that the global mission is a success and our planetary work of rescue arrives at good port. Whatever more of you are offered altruistically to help in the attainment of this Divine Plan, greater it will be the possibility of success and at a greater level.

They continue with its work without waiting for no reward by its work, because when they can live in a clean planet of all contamination and frees of all the competing forces that have had the control exceeds you during millenia, that is already sufficient reward. And that day, crannos, it is not very far. With the aid of all you, and our cooperation, we will surely see our effort crowned by success. Love and Light from the Ship Alpha. Chanel: Cristian Original author and source of the article.