Continuation of the first part of the check-list for an excerpt. Since the General checklist in part 1 at the end of the article strongly on my experience was “Remove wallpaper from the wall”, should be continued in this second part with the general statement checklist. Of course, a reasonable hammer be missing when no excerpt. This should be not too small! Must be installed on all rooms, it is unavoidable to have a Cordless screwdriver at hand i.e. cabinets, shelves, tables and chairs. Of course should not be missing various articles for this universal can use him.

With these tools you can easily build larger cabinets. If you want an image, but now a shelf or as a wall hanging, you need a spirit level if the result will be good. There is nothing worse than a wrong attachment image. Because no matter how good the apartment is furnished, guests get the skewed image is always this… The massive shelf should be properly fixed to the wall be, this must be fixed with dowels. For this purpose a hammer drill is required are available for rent by the day this E.g. in DIY stores, because good devices are happy times more expensive to purchase. To attach the ceiling lamps you have small screw hooks to the hand, which you screw in the ceiling to hang the lamp it.

Finally, there are still various odds and ends to have always in the apartment. Include such things as various screws and nails, a ruler, a pencil to draw on, painter masking my opinion to the taping, power strips, extension cords, etc. For basic cleaning, you need many different means. If so is missing Sagrotan when no excerpt to disinfect. Tiles in the home are they should be treated with a special Fliesenmittel – often so amazing results can be achieved. Because often neglect the previous occupant if it is established that they will soon pull out the cleaning. The tools listed in the article, not for everything, of course, are suitable, but with this basic equipment the apartment should be at least ready to use feasible. The author – Karl Meyer – write cheap small items for a variety of sites such as E.g. chairs.