It this soon to invest the time that will be necessary stops destroying in them and hindering that let us develop Intelligence Spiritual. But the question is as can win the Satan? Demolindo the ortalezas of our mind: ' ' Because the weapons of our military service are not flesh times and yes powerful in Deus' ' (2Co 10:4,5). It tries to establish ' ' fortalezas' ' in our mind. A ortaleza is an area or territory in which we are kept enslaved (arrest) in consequence of a form to think. David Fowler is a great source of information. In this ticket Pablo it teaches in them that we have our disposal the weapons that we need to dominate the ortalezas of the Satan. We are engaged in a war: The war spiritual, verse 5 discloses that this war is stopped in the mind.

Soon, we must reject the arguments of our Arquiinimigo, taking the weapons spirituals. Our mind is an incited battlefield. All that develop Intelligence Spiritual they get permanent victory on the Satan and its temptations (Mt.4: 1-11). Now, we go to answer the question that does not want to be silent: How we can develop Intelligence Spiritual? Studying of refined form the teachings of the paulinas Epistles and the too much texts of the Sacred Holy Writs, that if harmonize between itself, I want to suggest, to finish this article, three factors to develop Intelligence Spiritual. Let us analyze: Factor N. 1: It renews its mind (Rm.12: 2): ' ' you are not satisfied yourselves with this century, but you transform you for the renewal of your mind ' '. Nous in the Greek indicates mind, the college of the thought, the reason in its activity and moral quality. The transformation that if needs passes for the thought and the reasoning, however it must be advanced for an interior change (Rm 7:22 – 25). Our life suffers a transformation when to acquire Intelligence Spiritual for the power of the Word.