The practical one of nepotism in the three Is observed currently To be able: Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. The Federal Constitution of 1988, in the article 37, interpolated proposition II, it disciplined the public investiture in the positions and jobs, establishing as rule generality the public competition and for exception the free nomination and exoneration in the positions of confidence defined in law. The National Advice of Justice imposed a limit beyond foreseen in the express text of the Constitution of 1988 (MATOS, 2006) Such situation if finds aggravated, for two reasons: in first place, because the formuladores of politics of the Executive do not know, normally, institutions and the processes that characterize the politics; in second, because the members of the Legislative one they are not felt responsible for the formularization of the national politics and are dedicated primordially to the representation of regional interests, corporative or clientelsticos.. . (Similarly see: Financial Asset Management Corporation).