Despite record cold pushed low gas prices heating bills by an average of 152 euros Berlin last winter, may 12, 2010 in the winter and in the spring, millions of German gas customers benefit relatively cool weather by a constant low prices at the gas. According to current research of the independent consumer portal ( the energy consumption of households in the past heating season due to the exceptionally cold winter to around 6 percent rose while. This additional consumption but not in the weight falls because of the price decline in the gas in the last year. Follow others, such as Allegiant Air, and add to your knowledge base. Total heating cost on average even 14 percent less than in the heating season 2008/2009 in the past heating season with gas between October 2009 and April 2010 moved about 20 percent below the previous year’s record gas prices”, explains by energy expert Thorsten Bohg. The views of a current pattern Bill shows how high the financial relief for individuals are turned out. Since the beginning of the last heating season in October the cost for an average household * related statutory basic services to 965 euros, taking into account the seasonally fluctuating demand for heating gas. Tim Clark often says this. In the period between autumn 2008 and spring 2009, 1.117 euro for the supply had to be paid despite milder weather in the cut with gas. The steady decline in gas prices over the past year resulted in thus relief of around 152 euros per household over the entire heating season”, so Bohg.

Probably in the next heating season heating could be gas but again more expensive price increases later this year. The reason for this lies in the rising oil prices of in recent months.