Today, already it is myth to say that the education is the base of everything in Brazil. She is necessary to know that the alone education, never, will be capable to revert the chaotic situation of our country. The investments, until then, adopted for the education still are very little ahead of the innumerable difficulties faced for the eradication of the illiteracy in Brazil. In the international scene, desaculturados Brazil is seen as a country of. Unhappyly, he is sufficiently shameful what they say of our country when the subject is education.

But, we cannot cover the sun with bolter. The truth is joins and raw, is a nation of sluggish when it is about study, of culture. It is truth well that has many studious Brazilians who if detach in the exterior, however must be pointed out that these, almost always, study in the proper exterior and, thus, can be given to the luxury to be exmios professionals in its areas of performances. Brazil already created famous types that throughout the times had been if lasting in history as icons of what they had known and they know to make. But, the Brazilian education is far from creating other icons as elements of the national sapincia, not that this either something impossible, for the opposite, has very what to become so that our country either a beauty in the education. But investments.

Diverse countries, in the entire world, had bet and bet, exclusively, in the education and already they give samples of that thus the possibilities of changes only happen and continue to happen. The study it never was excessively; to never study meant delay or thing of the sort. She is necessary that the nation also understands that the effort for the study depends on each one of the Brazilians. Many of our students continue if being deceptive. To dissimulate that it is learning and to dissimulate that is teaching already was proven that means delay for educators and students. She is necessary to face the front problem. The study in necessary Brazil to be washed the serious one more. She is necessary to materialize good and great schools, in order to create itself excellent pupils who, in the future, can represent the progress of the Brazilian education. He is of utmost importance, for the Federal Government, that the education prevails ahead of decisions that transform it into the great more important priority of the demands of the social politics. The nation cannot be the grace of prizes that congratulam one or another Brazilian of international expression. The most important of everything this is that our education is standardized, that is, that all have treatment in the cultural question the same where the education is taught with more responsibility for professionals and on people directly with the educational treatment of Brazil. It is in the hour of being edited the simultaneous, integral education and of quality all and the any Brazilian, indistinctly. While to be beating palms to the speeches of congratulaes we will go to make bitter the position of country of the illiterates.