At the beginning of my participation in this church I was confused. The pregaes were in its great majority on its doctrines: The guard of Saturday, the investigativo Judgment, Feeding health, the Dream of Nabucodonozor, the Image of the Crossbow, and the fall of the Kingdoms, the transference of Jesus for the place santssimo in 1844 things thus. Subjects that is of the day of the cultured the holy ghost could be interesting, but that they do not build the spirit. You enter empty in the church and leave worse still, because the solid food is not given. To speak of the Plan of Salvation, on the Sacrifice of Jesus in the cross, on Jesus as the Way, the Crisol of the believer for the burilao of its character, on Sanctification, the Transforming Power of the Espirito Santo in our lives helping in our construction, consoling and leading to all Truth were not emphasized points. Not! Nothing of this nailed age of the pulpit.

I remember when the certain Saturday, the preaching of the day mentioned something on Pentecostes. To the ending of the cult, in the exit, it was surprised by the ancio reprehended that it: Sister, you does not have to speak on Pentecostes. The adventista does not like. Today, I know that such terror must it any similarity that by chance it remembers the Pentecostais Churches. Nor the name can be sharp, such the phobia.

With the time, I perceived that what the Adventistas more fears is exactly the avivada action of the Espirito Santo in the Church, for confundiz it with the manifestation of demons. They wait Serdia Rain, dying of fear that this day arrives. They reject, thus, any thing that has to see with the Power of God, therefore can be the Power of the Demon. Lack discernment. In this Saturday, however, I was surprised at these said words the preaching.