Aldous Huxley not there best measure of what a person is, what does when you have complete freedom to choose. William Buelger happiness is not a station of arrival, but a mode of travel. First invest in yourself, unless you’re a bad investment….Tom Schreiter IDEA: invest in yourself and improve your life. Don’t let poverty to reach you. Check out these manuals and progresses. Character is the inner motivation to do the right thing, whatever it takes.

Important thing is not what makes us the destination, but what we do on him. To broaden your perception, visit Hanes clothing. Not what we say, but what we think, what transpires in our Florence Nightingale countenance. We are unhappy with how much we have and we live very sad, for what little need us all we are amateurs. Life is so short that does not give for more. Charles Chaplin a fool always finds another more fool who admire you. Niels Bohr intelligent man is not he who has many ideas, but who knows to take advantage of the few who has. Anonymous there is who crosses the forest and sees only firewood to the fire. Lev Nikolaievich in the way of your life, it is not so important the distance that you’ve arrived, but the direction to take. – each one of us forge the chains that we dragged our lives Charles Dickens if you want to understand the word happiness, you have to understand it as a reward and not end – Antoine de Saint-Exupery Marcos Munoz original author and source of the article