The users of FastFoodCheck”is currently a menu database consisting of the three major Chain McDonalds, Burger King and subway. Barclays may not feel the same. Often there are special products for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In addition, the most famous soft drink manufacturers are listed because they often are part of the sales offer. Smaller chains and regional providers, unless they committed to the topic of healthy eating, are already partially covered. Thanks to the integrated update function, even after the purchase of new information provided to users or existing updated. es. The program is now available through Apple’s iTunes store for an introductory price of 0.79.

To display on the the principle of nutritional information in the form of a traffic light food lights developed scientifically in the United Kingdom to increase the transparency in the final. Because often lay particularly in ready-made meals or frozen dishes not recognizable at all, whether a product to estimate is high or low in nutritional value was aware of simple and understandable for consumers very Marking searched. Based on red, yellow or green points is now quickly, what are the main components of a product. Consumers have the opportunity to align their consumption accordingly then. This principle was already applied for the German supermarket with FoodCheck and now extended to the sector of the food with FastFoodCheck. Images and press information about the iPhone app FastFoodCheck – the fast food nutrition traffic “: about the Jommi online marketing company advises customers to your websites and developing Web page strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises.” The food traffic lights is a side project, which was launched out of thematic interest and on their own initiative. “” The high response and the positive feedback the our app FoodCheck “has raised was decisive for the programming of FastFoodCheck”.