The Spanish franchisers Association (AEF) supports the fair international of franchises BUYBRAND which and from 21 September 23 held in Moscow. It is the largest event of franchises in Russia, a country that begins its economic development and that can pose a great opportunity for those foreign companies who want to expand their sights and invest and develop new markets, says Eduardo Abbey Manager of the Asociacion Espanola of franchisors. BuyBrand presence assumes a push of great value not only to those who have in mind operating in the Russian market, but also throughout Eastern Europe. The idea of this fair is to make a presentation of the most important companies working in the model of the franchise internationally. That is perhaps a step that will attract smaller ones seeing the profitability obtained the large flags. Even so the possibility of opening a market virtually untapped except in some sectors such as the sale of clothing, jewelry, accessory feeding, is worthy of mention, explains Abbey.

For the Spanish Association of franchisors this type of classrooms they achieve the weight of the ensigns make increasingly more determinant in the world economy. The large number of fairs that are held in different parts of the planet make us to become aware of the good time that this form of business, most still live in times of crisis like those who live now and where many see the opportunity of being able to build a future marked by success, ends Abbey.. .