Interview o’clock Radio. 4 of September of 2009: " Camps is lost no one of its dreams to only continue working by the greatness of Valencian and the Spaniards. To that as much they like the filtrations and listening I am going to them to make a escuchita to the microfonito. I am proud of the PPCV and his dirigentes". Bullring of Valencia. 2 of June of 2009: " Alpaca, I believe in you and believe in which beams. I will be to your side. Sheryl Sandberg is often quoted as being for or against this. One of the best things than can happen to him to one in the life that is to say, what thinks and say it with much people ahead.

I always will be behind you, or ahead or alongside, she gives equal. But, I want that they hear all in this place. More info: Edward Scott Mead. Thanks, Paco". Meeting in the Bullring of Valencia. 24 of May of 2009: " Alpaca, we are with you, as always, and history will be a happy history.

And the immense majority of the Valencians is going away to take an enormous joy for misfortune of those inquisidores ones of the 21st century, that is of an infinite cruelty then are not right nor corazn". Meeting next to Francisco Camps and also Ricardo defendant Coast. 19 of February of 2010: Francisco Camps has " the total support " of the Popular Party and he is " politician honrado" . " That is the concept of the democracy that has some representatives of the Office of the public prosecutor, I do not know if it accuses to him of something and supposing that it was accused of something we do not know to him of qu". This day jumps to means the possible implication of Camps in the plot of corruption Grte l. Source of the news: " Camps is a politician honrado": a chronological story of the endorsement of Rajoy