This week Gallina Blanca recipes brand launched its web 2.0 with a completely different design where the usability of the contents. Keeping its main pillar, cooking recipes, the new website has become a community of chefs where all users can post their recipes, articles, tricks questions and answer, another new section is something like Yahoo! answer, where users themselves respond are among them culinary questions. The new site of Gallina Blanca has worked on the improvement of three large blocks (contents, applications, community) that favor the interaction between Internet users and practicality in search of content. Among its main objectives, as stated on its website, it is converted to Gallina Blanca in a culinary space where all share knowledge and experiences. Gallina Blanca completes his performance in web 2.0 with, and latter being a referent for many passionate cuisine with 1227 followers included in 13 list, the latest addition to Twitter. Some of the actions developed the website of recipes in the microblogging was a tweetentrevista which were discussed in community manager. Now just have to wait the response of users to this new approach and its impact both level visits, as a percentage of revote, conversion and all parameters defined in web analytics that will give quantitative verdict to all creativity, development and commissioning work onstage. Original author and source of the article..