What is the best way to learn about money and wealth to close the gap of money in your life and start your path to financial freedom? Do to answer this question, think first about how long your life have devoted to learn other things that were important: for example: how long do you think you’ve spent studying your language, how long have spent to learn Mathematics, how long have spent learning about computers and the internet work and how much time you have dedicated to watch TV? But what about the money? How much education focused on the subject of money you had while you were going to grow? How long have spent learning about money, how it works and how to create wealth in your adult life? Did you have financial education? More importantly: how long has invested to overcome your own bad schedules of children and your personal myth that have prevented you achieving the financial results that intentionally do you want? If you’re like me and like 95% of the population, then basically didn’t any education about money while you were a child, zero consultancy in the area of make money and build wealth and zero help to fix your bad schedules and myths regarding money: zero financial education this course which is a tragedy, because as already Francis Bacon mentioned it : Knowledge is power if you know how to speak a language, how you think that you sobreviviras in a country and a culture that speak that language? If you don’t know math, could you do a job in accounting? If you want to have success with money and wealth, how you think you’re going to do well if you aren’t EDUCATED and trained in this area? Do you know what are two of the best paid in the world works? Currency trader and investor banker. .