One always has to be learning from the best. The idea is to learn from big investors, but not copy them.They are obliged to submit their reports of investments, where we can see what were the great movements that made. Check out Fitch for additional information. Purchases that I’m going to comment on are not so you follow them to the letter, but so that they can see more beyond a simple purchase. That is trying to look more beyond, trying to elucidate which is the current trend they are taking and the because each action. 1) George Soros: Considered one of the most big investors of all time, Soros knows how to make money in particular moments of the financial market. It recognizes that many times it lost the battle against the market, but the few times that he was in the correct chart were that catapulted it to success. In the last quarter the Fund managed by George Soros invested 95 million dollars in Citigroup shares and I that figure duplico when it invested in SPDR GOLD Trust ETF.The value invested in Citigroup increased to 321 million dollars, while the investment made to SPDR Gold Trust ETF increase by 673 million dollars.

These two independent positions generated 11% of his Fund’s holdings reported total. 2) David Einhorn: currently this scattering several cards in the market. It is one of the few investors who know how to follow the behavior of the market and take advantage of the. David worked many years as a Fund Manager, but it was in 2008 when it actually reached the glory. Was one of the first to become aware of the serious financial and accounting problems that Lehman Brothers was having at that time and not wasted the opportunity. In the last quarter, the bottom of David Einhorn called Greenlight Capital already had positions in good companies like Boston Scientific, Becton Dickinson, Eenergy Partners and Ralcorp Holdings.