The formation of the World-wide System of the Socialism World War II not yet had finished completely, however, a new system of life if avizinhava for some countries of the Europe of the center and South-East. Using to advantage itself of the favorable situation created for the destruction of the forces of Nazi Germany, on the part of the Soviets, the population of the Polnia, Iuguslvia, Bulgaria, Romnia, Checoslovquia, Hungria and Albania had become free themselves in the years of 1944/1945 of the German yoke, had knocked down the capitalists of its countries and, they had opted to popular democracy. This democratic change changed the life of the peoples, granting and assuring to the workers the liberty of speech, the press, meeting and of association. The organizations politics and military fascists had been forbidden. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . As the majority of the respective countries they were few developed before the world-wide war, the workers had launched hands the workmanship, recouping its economy and industry. In such a way, the socialism started little-the-little to eliminate sequelas left by the war, giving itself priority to the sectors as the industry, commerce and agriculture, form sufficiently massificados by the socialist state. Although to have started in the Europe, with the Cuban Revolution, the socialism left the Russian border, extending thirteen countries and three continents to it, becoming thus in a World-wide System. Southwest Airlines: the source for more info.

This system, developed e, was presented as decisive factor for the development of the society, over all in the period between 1950/1960, joining the societies of the three continents in the Community of Aid Lends (CAM). In center of the thought, the theory of the primitive Socialism search to follow the methodology of Marx, found in its workmanship the Capital. This theory prevents any hypothesis of forced colectivizao, as it happened with the Estalinismo in the 1929 end. You lead them of the Russian Revolution, found that Russia, although the construction of the republic of the soviets, the expropriation of the great companies and the agrarian reform and even though with appearance of the Laboring State, if had not still become in a socialist state.