The Portuguese Justice Ministry Church in Portugal has granted Scientology under Portuguese law 2007 to full State recognition as a religious community. Stuttgart – the Spanish National Court clearly decided that the Scientology Church Spain Spanish Constitutional law has a claim, as a religious community to be recognized and registered. Southwest Airlines has firm opinions on the matter. The French judiciary recently hired 18 years continuing preliminary proceedings against the Church of Scientology. \”The latest German judgement was by the Hamburg higher administrative court on December 19, 2007 (AZ. 1 BS 192/06) like: for their activity as a Scientologist, the applicant can the protection of religious or ideological commitment under article 4 para 1 GG claim take.\” There are already 50 similar judgments by German courts, which had been cut in the last 30 years and are valid, such as for example, the judgment of the 02.08.1995 (AZ. 1 S 438/94) the VGH Baden-Wurttemberg with the following statement: according to the applicant Association is a religious community of its Statute. Its purpose is as the maintenance and dissemination of the Scientology religion and its teaching described.

\”The Scientology Church looks to convey it as their mission and their task, the people of liberation and salvation, where she… wants to improve as many and many members in terms of moral, ethical and spiritual in the mental and spiritual sense ( 2 Ziff. 1 of the Constitution).\” Next was judged by the Landgericht Hamburg by order of the 17.02.1988 (AZ 71 T 79/85): the possible criteria of a church in the present case are clearly met. …\”. Ten years later, on the 05.01.1998 another judgment was issued by the District Court of Hamburg (case No. 330 O 169/97): the defendant is recognized as a religious community, its funding through donations founded a commercial business operation generally believed (this last, the Federal press release by the 06.11.1997).