With the German unification, they had been closed inefficient industries and polluting of the eastern side that was very and in such a way the governments how much the companies of Germany are not contented with the simple ones reduction of emissions. Exactly example of a Great-Britain with government and companies searching business-oriented chances in the generation and the use cleanest of the energy. Two years behind, Germany already announced to fulfill to the goal settled for the country in the Protocol of Kyoto, diminishing in 22,4% its emissions of .causing gases of the effect greenhouse, in comparison with the beginning of the decade of 1990. As official data of the German Ministry of the Environment, in 2007, Germany left to play in the atmosphere 957 million tons of carbonic gas, will have been overcome as base the emissions of the previous year. The sectors that had more contributed for the fall in the emissions had been transport and agriculture, beyond the sanitation of buildings. The constructions in Germany are certifyd in terms of energy efficiency. families in particular regimen produces solar energy in its roofs. To produce energy clean reduces the amount of emissions.

It is what Germany stimulates: many particular roofs with installations fotovoltaicas for domestic consumption and with possibility of vender the excess of production to the electricity companies. ' ' Although the sun lack, Germany obtains to amortize in about ten years investimentos' ' (JUST, 2007). Test of that not yet it is enough, of that is necessary to not only fulfill and yes to surpass goals, in Germany, had a strong increase of the emissions for production of electric energy. ' ' Kyoto is only one small passo' ' , it concludes the German minister of the Environment, Sigmar Gabriel, therefore for ' ' to fight of efficient form the climatic changes, we have to advance with wide steps.