Another ball-point pen cheap! and good, one more a remerita for the battery! It was that his intention when it selected to the product of promotion or gift industralist? Surely, NO! Next 6 basic advice to have present at the time of choosing promotional merchandise or gifts industralists: 1. What message wants to transmit? Yes, it is obvious but very important. In many opportunities, it would seem that we forgot this simple point. It even asegrese of which it is not associating his mark to a product of low quality! That message would transmit that? 2. Who will receive the product. It knows or his public or objective market: that they like and that displeases to them. 3. In which it will give it to situation. Media Group understands that this is vital information.

It considers the situation, is not the same formal meeting in which a contract is signed that a exhibition! 4. It has produced the item previously. If this it is the case, I assume its clients were fascinated and they requested more to him. 5. It changes product. He is so boring to receive the same constantly! 6.

It remembers, in a promotional product or a gift industralist: he is original! It surprises his hearing. Finally, in many cases, it is not so important the amount but the quality. You are buying these items to promote his business. They must remember it for that reason! It surprised if them, they will do surely it! If it is of good quality, surely also! Original author and source of the article.