The hunting is one of the oldest activities of the humanity; indeed what now we know like a sport activity and an art, in its beginnings intimately was related to the survival, not only understood as the necessity of feeding for the incipient human groups whose life turned around the migrations of the animal and the stations of the year, but also it is considered like one of the first spyings of association and work in group of the men and women of long ago. This theory acquires force if we pre-date ourselves to the time of the caverns, where a clear example of this asociatividad in we can find it the hunting in cave paintings, or in caves like those of Altamira, or in space abiertos as in the deposit of Green Harvest.

That after multiple analyses and studies by specialists of diverse disciplines, giving diverse explanations or are religious, tribal, artistic or others to the figurative or cultural representation than we had left shaped on rocks. But also the cave paintings of the caves of Altamira, if we analyzed them from the point of view of a hunter, are clear example of human organization, in whom the work in equipment and the previous planning to the day were so many or more important that the hunting.

How to hunt, what strategy to follow following the prey that try themselves to obtain, the distribution of the hunters and its location in the land; these activities were determining for the result of the day, that unlike the present time was going to mark to the border between the survival or the extinction; a scene enough more duro than to return to house to the dusk without to have received no prey. But not only how to hunt of the old humans it established the bases of the organization and the work in equipment; both fundamental pillars of the modern civilization, where the specialization of functions fitted in an organizational chart orders to the people in its different vital scenes, or are individual, familiar or social. Also in the hunting and its incipient strategies of the antiquity we found the bases of the strategies battle and fight that they turned into the art of war. Thus, the next time that prepares its day of hunting, thinks for a moment that what will be doing it is not more than to practice one of the oldest activities of the man and who without a doubt not only has become an art through the millenia, but also has collaborated in the creation of our civilization.