In case of works in the deep recesses (wells, reservoirs and pits), where may be flammable and poisonous gases, before beginning work on their air investigate the presence of gas analyzers. In order to avoid an accident prohibited from checking the availability of gas by smell or using open fire. 17. In the presence of undermining the soil, depressions, cracks, deformations of fastening, the smell of gas to go down into the trench, pit, pit prohibited.

Chapter 3: SAFETY DURING 18. Carry out excavation work in the recesses with vertical walls without fixing the sand, silty-clay soils and snow above the groundwater level in the absence of near underground facilities should be at a depth of no more than 1 m – in bulk and natural neslezhavshihsya adding sandy soils, 1.25 m – in sandy loam, 1.5 m – in the loam and clay. If the excavation reaches a greater depth, it is necessary to establish mount or wall to make the slopes in accordance with BPD or technological map. 19. Production of earthworks in the recesses with sloping without fastenings loose, sandy and silty-clay soils above the groundwater level (with taking into account capillary rise) and bottoms, drained by an artificial water level is allowed, depth and steepness of slopes extraction according to the appendix hereto.

20. Carry out excavation work in the field location of existing underground utilities should be after the refinement of their location and determine how to carry out work supervisor. 21. In the immediate vicinity of the location of underground cables and construction excavation work should be done with caution, and from a depth of 0.4 m – only shovels.