If there is a desire for change and a real repentance before the event, while on the other hand the continuity of the relationship depends on the meaning that the betrayed person assigned to the relationship, reason by which we can say that the meaning determined the rethink of the relationship. Forgiveness is a process culturally have made us believe that forgiving is forgetting, seeing forgiveness as an isolated act or a decision which is taken from one moment to another, however forgiveness is not an event is a process which must go healing emotional wounds generated and this is not done from one day to anothermore when these wounds are rooted in the soul due to the associated impact. Perhaps we could help in this sense understand the true meaning of forgiveness: exempt a person from the consequences deserved for an act that has generated a damage, which reflects has no relationship to what it feels like but with simply the fact does not generate revenge upon the other party, hence the process depends on how emotions generated by betrayal displacenteras are handled. Ideas to remember if the relationship seeks to restore there are no formulas to propitiate the restoration though one could say that if there are general principles that should be considered: 1. identify the level and type of infidelity: there are people who have made infidelity a style of life, a pattern, reason why the probability of change is minor and therefore the possibility of restoring the relationship. When infidelity was occasional is no better prognosis. Perhaps check out Phil Vasan for more information. Also identify if infidelity was with an emotional trend or a genital trend, because this defines the type of treatment at the same time. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Coupang. 2 List the reasons that led him to rescue the relationship: there are many couples who are reconciled but don’t have clarity of the reasons that motivate them to continue; reason why the restoration process becomes a painful process where larger wounds are opened.

Have a reason to continue the relationship, because relationships are sustained by purposes. 3 Work as a team: infidelity is a phenomenon to be resolved there should be work on computer, both parties must commit to provide its contribution so that confidence is restored. 4 Build a plan: when couples have desires and intentions to continue but are unable to establish a work plan to heal wounded possibly love will be like trying to get a boat to the port without knowing the path that should be followed, i.e. wear will be greater. 5. Identify the causes of infidelity: is the only way of preventing infidelity happen again, so the person who committed the infidelity should increase your self-knowledge in order to work on the risk factors that can lead him back to being unfaithful by LIC.