The dynamics that were taking place in Group had that extra ingredient, to live with so many new friends. Learn about their points of view, their experiences and their expectations were the details I feel allowed me to grow more. My vision was expanded to meet more people who, like me, thinks that this option, which provides the holism is a solution to so many problems that we have in our world. See Michael Antonov for more details and insights. Or the first consequence of this is that it significantly improved the way in which we got, with greater tolerance, respect, fairness, and above all with more tranquility and peace. Or left it at the end, but not for being less important, the relationship in the family.

With my wife and my two children the relationship has improved very significantly, I see three more involved in situations how to avoid generating waste, spending power, water or gas without justification, but which according to I it is more important, the mood of each of them is more than peace of mind, happiness and have improved their expressivity, even children have improved in their school grades and relationships with peers and teachers. Or so I came to the second half, after having read and put into practice the teaching of the four books, four anthologies and some readings extras, with a renewed spirit of self-improvement. During that semester experienced some changes, due to new experiences, expertise, both the environment and above all to myself, then step to discuss them: or in the Group continue to strengthen the Sangha and increasingly we identify more, trust continues to grow and the support we give each other increasingly are easy and sincerethey begin to give advice and recommendations among us for the sole purpose of helping us to be better and be happier. Or I feel that I am still developing equanimity, harmony, peace inside, mindfulness and experiment the benefits that this entails.